Red Gum

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What makes Red Gum beef unique is a commitment to sourcing only free range and European breed cattle such as Angus and Hereford that are free of added hormones and antibiotics.

Raised on the verdant pastures of Victoria and southern New South Wales, cattle benefit from clean air and modern farming practices that deliver a nutritious and balanced diet that results in meat of the highest eating quality.

Underpinned by Meat Standards Australia (MSA) – Australia’s eating quality standard – to guarantee a tender, juicy and flavourful eating experience, Red Gum beef is perfectly suited to those who appreciate quality without the need for unnecessary and unnatural hormones and antibiotics.

JBS Australia's livestock procurement team maintains farm gate relationships with family farms to ensure a high quality and consistent supply of suitable livestock into the brand.

Grass-fed beef
Antibiotic free
No added hormones
GMO free
3rd party audited
MSA graded
British and European breeds only, no bos indicus, no dairy.