Hereford Boss

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Hereford Boss is one of our newest brand offerings and is the proud outcome of JBS Australia's partnership with Herefords Australia.

Sourced from southern Australia’s rolling hills, lush pastures, and fresh air, the 100% grass-fed and all natural Hereford Boss stands out from the competition.

For the consumer, Hereford cattle are renowned for their superb eating qualities, rivalling - if not surpassing - those of other British cattle breeds. Grading data continually proves that the beef that is packed into the Hereford Boss brand is consistently in the top 10% off all MSA graded beef in Australia, proving it is guaranteed to be some of the most tender, juicy and full flavoured beef produced in Australia.

Additionally, Hereford Boss is currently the only Hereford based beef brand backed by Herefords Australia.

Visit the Hereford Boss website to find out more.

100% grass-fed
100% hereford verified
Antibiotic free
No added hormones
GMO free
JBS farm assured
3rd party audited
JAS ANZ accredited
MSA graded