Great Southern brisket a hit at Meatstock Sydney

Low and slow American-style barbecuing has ramped up in Australia, with the number of Australasian Barbecue Alliance (ABA) sanctioned events growing year-on-year. Meatstock Sydney, dubbed the ‘carnival of carnivores’ is no doubt the most anticipated event of them all by consumers, this year reaching a total estimated attendance of 16,000!

Passionate about growing consumer interest in our brands, we teamed up with competition barbeque team Puff Puff Baste BBQ to deliver mouth-watering Great Southern brisket to low and slow barbeque enthusiasts.

What mattered most to the consumer?

First and foremost, taste!

Competition barbeque teams typically opt for grain fed briskets that contain a higher fat content, with the general consensus being that “more fat equals more flavour”. Preferences aside, brisket lovers were impressed by the amount of flavour that was produced using a 100% grass-fed product, so much so that they were keen to try the product themselves.

Hundreds of people took home Great Southern sample packs, consisting of a 1kg brisket portion, 3-rib short ribs, and how-to recipe cards.

A post on the Australasian Barbeque Alliance Facebook group (one that we highly recommend you join) after the event shows the knock-on effect. One member comments “it melted on my mouth on the day”, with another adding “only a small brisket but for a small family perfect size”.

People who attend Meatstock are genuinely interested in learning about the origins of beef brands, and when they try a deliciously good piece of brisket and hear that it’s 100% grass-fed, their ears prick up.

Great Southern was born through understanding consumer insights and matching farming and processing abilities with these demands, so naturally, the brand ticks all the boxes (100% grass-fed, free range beef, never treated with added hormones, antibiotics or GMOs).  What really impressed consumers at Meatstock was the JBS Farm Assurance program – the backbone of the Great Southern brand, which guarantees that each and every claim made against the brand is independently verified.

Livestock producers that supply into Great Southern are independently accredited to ensure that they are compliant with strict brand regulations and specifications, giving consumers total piece of mind and confidence in the brand they are buying.

All in all, Meatstock was a great avenue to expose the end user to the Great Southern brand, and create positive first experiences.

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Official Meatstock video