Tender Valley Pork

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Tender Valley Pork supports Australian family-owned farms based in the Maranoa Region by providing a guaranteed customer for their livestock. Located in the lush pastureland of South East Queensland, renowned for its clean air, rich soil and food growing capacity, the region offers optimal raising conditions, resulting in high health status herds.

Grown under the auspices of the industry quality assurance program ‘APIQ’, our farmers care for the environment and animals under their care by following safe and sustainable practices outlined by the Australian Pork Industry.

All farms have group-housed sows and progeny and do not use sow stalls. Group housing environments allow the animals to move freely, and promote social involvement through interaction with others, with high levels of access to food and clean water

Our farmers work closely with veterinary, nutritional and genetic professionals across all our farms to ensure our pork is healthy and safe for consumption.